Downtown Austin Homes for Sale

Austin is not the biggest city in Texas, but it sure feels like the most metropolitan. While downtown Dallas and Houston are still relative ghost towns on the weekends, downtown Austin comes alive. This is the live music capital of the world, and living downtown means walking to your favorite food truck and your favorite club without having to get behind the wheel. Pity the poor folks sitting still on I-35 while you enjoy your Torchy's Tacos!

Downtown Austin has a variety of apartments and condos to choose from. Some new, some old. Some modern, some more traditional. Though we differentiate Austin’s lofts for sale for aesthetic reasons, the building boom over the past few years has made the term “Austin condos” synonymous with downtown.  Pricing in downtown Austin can range from a few hundred to over $1,100 per square foot. Factors such as building age, proximity to the lake, and building amenities will affect pricing.  Generally, the higher the floor the better the view, thus prices will increase as you go up.  Notably, there is a premium to live close to Whole Foods. 

High-rise living didn’t come to Austin until recently, but did it ever take off quickly! When 360 broke ground the reaction was very mixed, as many people didn’t want to see the skyline change. However Austin has a very vibrant downtown and people from all over the country were taking notice. That demand drove development very quickly, and before we knew it more towers were racing to the sky. High-rise living in Austin has already become a common lifestyle and more building are planned for the near future.  We even have the tallest residential building in Texas - The Austonian, and others that rival bigger cities like Spring and the W. Although Austin is one of the most historical towns in Texas, there just aren’t that many historic condos and lofts. Many of the buildings in the warehouse district were converted into restaurants and clubs instead of residential units. There are a few like Brazos, Avenue and the Brown Building, but for the most part condo and loft living in Austin is limited to buildings that have been around less than 30 years. in addition to the high-rises, Austin has seen a huge surge in development of 2 and 3-story modern condo developments. These condos have loft elements like high ceilings, exposed ductwork and concrete floors but they also have the conveniences of recent construction. Many of these modern condos are found in the East side and SoCo. The Pedernales Lofts were the ones who really started the trend, and now we have many more like Este and 41 Waller.

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